your future

Teshima, a small island located
in the Setouchi region
People gather, connect,
envision the future and expand
A place filled with hope, "Teshima Espoir Park"

Please spend a pleasant moment,
As you feel the atmosphere of Teshima



What we expect from Teshima Espoir Park

We wanted to create
a space
where "Hope" is born

We want the future to be filled with hope. That's the message we, SHOKUACA Association incorporated in this special place. A wondrous island of "Teshima", where original landscapes of Japan still remain as is also merged with world's renowned artworks. Teshima Espoir Park was opened in the autumn of 2022, to provide a place for everyone to share and exchange their hopes and future.

Board RepresentativeMitsuko Fukutake


Fukutake Mitsuko

A park of hope

How can I suport the happy life or their career, of those who are involved in the food industry? This is the beginning of a project that I have long been dreaming about. I want to make this place, a place where all people involved in food industry, people living in Teshima or visiting Teshima can connect and envision the "Hope for the Future". A park of hope.

Tsutsumi Masayuki

Creating a comfortable space where senses can be liberated

I am in charge of managing this facility, which can be used for a variety of purposes by groups or individuals. We will provide you with a "comfortable place to stay" where you can feel the smell of the mountains, the sound of the waves, and the whisper of the wind.

Nagamatsu Hidetaka

Supporting chef's career

I would like to give back my experience as an owner-chef, to those who chose to support the future food industry as their second careers.

Miyoshi Yoko

Let us all create "Espoir Park" together, a space to connect

Connect with yourself, Connect with others, Connect with nature, Connect with art, Connect with food, and hope, a.k.a. Espoir Park. Everyone is welcome.

Kanzaki Mitsuru

An extraordinary space and time to envision the future

I want an extraordinary space and time to reflect on myself, refine with my friends, and envision the future. That's what I expect from this project.

Kumai Machiko

A precious place for the visitors

A place where time becomes meaningless and provides opportunities to reconsider the values of your life. A place where the beauty of Japan can be felt. A place that will remain in the memories of those who visit.

Fukushima Tamotsu

An encounter with the nature and art of Setouchi and new perspective in your life

This is a place where you feel abundance, yourself and the way of living as you experience art and nature. An encounter with the scenery and people of the Setouchi will definitely gift you with something.

Ogawa Koh

A space where opportunities for the future is born

Working as a manager of this facility, I am also a resident of this island, living each day feeling the relaxed atmosphere of the island. We welcome you with the hospitality at its finest, making Espoir Park a space of opportunity for those who gather to assist a future filled with hope.

Fujioka Tsuneo

Providing heartfelt hospitality is what we are good at

I am in charge of accommodations. We await for your visit as we constantly think about the-one-and-only moment and place for each guests and ensure a comfortable stay at Espoir Park.

Oka Yuki

A special place for each visitors

The peaceful atmosphere of the island gently surrounds you, as you feel the wind, sky, and sunsets, the blessings from the nature. We designed the space and visuals to create a place with one-and-only space, time, and encounters.

Wada Yuki

A special place for each visitors

The peaceful atmosphere of the island gently surrounds you, as you feel the wind, sky, and sunsets, the blessings from the nature. We designed the space and visuals to create a place with one-and-only space, time, and encounters.

About Teshima

An Island of Nature,
Food and Art

Rice, olives, lemons, strawberries and citrus fruits are grown under the mild climate and natural spring. Virgin forests of oak trees (Sudajii) still remain in Mount Danyama, while rice terrace paddies stretch all along the hill overlooking the sea. In recent years, different art facilities including the Teshima Art Museum has been built, while Setouchi Triennale, an art festival held every three years attract the visitors.

Related facilities

Umi no Restaurant

A restaurant where you can feel the breeze and enjoy the ocean view.
You can enjoy pizzas baked fresh from the stone oven built in Naples, and cuisines using ingredients delivered from the Setouchi region.


A vacation house where you can enjoy the nature of Teshima with your own rhythm and style. The house is directed by Akira Minagawa, the founder of minä perhonen, and designed by Shinichiro Ogata of SIMPLICITY.

Teshima Wedding

The party venue is Umi no Restaurant. A tailored wedding where the visitors experience the blessings of Teshima.

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